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Prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., MSc.

ENT, pediatric ENT specialist, audiologist and phoniatrist, specialist in public health

Ass. Prof. Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., Msc., ENT Specialist Piotr Henryk Skarżyński

Prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., Msc.

My education started in 2001 at the University of Warsaw where I completed a Masters degree in management (with specialisations in: law management, enterprise management). Additionally, in 2012 I graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw thus obtaining a Doctor of Medicine. Subsequently, I was appointed an Assistant Professor in 2015. In 2016, I passed the examination in the field of otolaryngology, in 2017 in pediatric otorhinolaryngology, in 2019 in audiology and phoniatrics, and in 2020 in public health. In 2019 I became a Professor in Medicine and Health Sciences.

In 2008 I filled the post of the Director of Science and Development at the Institute of Sensory Organs, since when I have dedicated myself to development of the independent enterpirse. Moreover, I am a board member of the Center of Hearing and Speech, Ltd. Since 2009, I have been undertaking internships and voluntary placements at hospitals and medical centers. At present I am an employee of Department of Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Medical University of Warsaw.

My scientific activity manifests in a dozen of nationally and internationally funded research projects, as well as in patent applications and active commitment to scientific societies at both national and international level. I participated in the 3rd Stakeholders Consultation meeting during which the World Hearing Forum of WHO was announced. I am a member of Consultant Committee of International Experts of CPAM-VBMS (for special invitation), a Honorary Member of ORL Danube Society, a Honorary Member of Société Française d’Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie, and a member of the Roster of Experts on Digital Health of WHO. A Vice Chairman of Junior European Rhinology Society (2010–2014), Member of Board (2014–2016), Member of Congress and Meeting Department of European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology, Representative Board Member (till 2019) and Vice-President and Institutional Representative (since 2019) of International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health, Regional Representative of Europe of International Society of Audiology and Board Secretary of the Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, Phoniatrists and Audiologists. I am also a Vice-President of Hearring Group, an Auditor of European Federation of Audiology Societies, and a member of the FNS (Facial Nerve Stimulation) Steering Committee. I collaborate with AAO-HNS as a member of Hearing Committee, Implantable Hearing Devices Committee and Otology & Neurotology Education Committee, Goodwill Ambassador representing Poland at the AAO-HNSF 2021 Meeting. Also a member of Task Force, realizing Living Guidelines project.

Moreover, I am a member and an expert of numerous national organizations such as a member of the State Examination Committee of Poland in the field of otorhinolaryngology, Expert Witness of Laryngology of Provincial Court of Warsaw (till 2018), Delegate for Regional Assembly of Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw, a member of Young Scientists Council of Medical University of Warsaw and a Member of Scientific Council of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing. Additionally, a member of Policy Council of Audiophonology at the Medical University of Warsaw, a candidate for an expert of Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (The National Centre for Research and Development), a member of the University Council of the Maria Grzegorzewska University, a member of the Policy Council of ‘Health of Poles’ Congress and a member of the Team of Experts to develop and update the program of specialization in the field of pediatric otorhinolaryngology at the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education, and a member of Polish Examination Board which conduct the National Speciality Examination in otorhinolaryngology (the Medical Examinations Center). A main medical expert on age-related hearing loss and other causes, in connection with the implementation of the project titled: ‘Maps of Health Needs System and Implementation Analysis Database is carried out by the Department of Analyses and Strategies of the Ministry of Health [of Poland]’. I am also a member of Clinical Science Committee of Polish Academy of Science.

Since 2005 I have been taking an active part in national and international conferences. I have authored and co-authored many scientific publications in national and international specialist journals. My current scientific achievements total:

  • Impact Factor 414,897;
  • Index Copernicus 57 611,09;
  • Points assigned by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science 34 790.

I act as a trainer at numerous meetings and congresses and actively participate in medical training sessions and conferences (national and foreign ones) devoted to ENT, hearing prosthetics, audiology, otolaryngology, rhinology, otology and neuro-otology.

Furthermore, in addition to reviewing numerous high-ranked journals of international and national scope, I am the Vice Assistant Editor of the ‘Nowa Audiofonologia’ and the Associate Editor of the ‘Journal of Hearing Science’.

Another vital aspect of my scientific engagement is a supervision over the Student’s Scientific Society of World Hearing Center and Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation Department of the Medical University of Warsaw, whose members have so far presented several dozens of works at various conferences and received a dozen of prizes and honorable mentions at national and international conferences.

In addition, I expend a considerable effort to develop new medical technologies, implantable devices, diagnostic methods and treatment, aiming at improvement in the state of medicine and the parallel increase in public awareness Polandwide and abroad. I coordinate and manage national and international projects related to telemedicine and e-health across Europe, Asia and Africa, which includes telekonsultations, telerehabilitation and remote hearing implant systems setting. Studies conducted in Bishkek and Dushanbe were the first two pilot hearing screening programmes in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. In addition, I make every endeavour to increase detection of hearing deficits in African countries by medical consultations and hearing screening programmes. The latter took place in Senegal and Ivory Coast in March 2014, as well as in Tanzania and Rwanda in the subsequent year. I have also entered into negotiations with the scientific institutes in Africa on international cooperation in the field of implantation and development of telemedicine. Moreover, I am affiliated with the research and working group of the Nationwide Network of Teleaudiology.

Besides, in cooperation with the subsidiary units located Polandwide (in Kajetany, Warsaw, Danzig, Katowice, Cracow, Olsztyn, Opole, Radom, Rzeszów) and abroad – in Odessa, Kiev and Lutsk (Ukraine), Brest (Belarus), Bishkek and Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Dakar (Senegal) and Shymkent (Kazakhstan). I coordinate multi-faceted process of hearing implants fitting.