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23 10/2017

Lecture of Ass. Prof.Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., Msc. at conference titled CAPD without secrets.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., Msc. presented his lecture, titled: Hearing screening of school-age children, with the inclusion of auditory processing disorder issues.

CAPD without secrets. Diagnoses and therapy of central auditory processing disorders in children and young adults conference took place on 20 October 2017 in Rzeszów. Physicians, speech therapists, psychologists and teachers were learning about nature of the issue and shared their experience, in order to provide specialized therapy to more children, that need help.

Central Hearing Disorders (CAPD) is a group of symptoms for a variety of disorders. which are caused by irregularietes of the central nervous system.  In other words: child hears (hearing tests do not show any problems), but does not listen – behaves and functions like other children with hearing loss. Such a child may be compared to someone who is in a foreign country and do not understand the local language. Such a person hears surrounding talks, but does not understand them.

Effect of such disorders are difficulties in learning, that occurs despite proper intelligence development. Quick diagnosis of alarming symptoms and sending child for a specialized tests (and if it is required, also on rehabilitation and therapy) is the key to proper help.

Cantral Auditory Processing Disorder is a problem, that affects mostly early school-age children. Hearing screening, that we conducted on the area of rural districts from all over Poland, shows that even 15% of all children may require an in-depth diagnosis and speech therapy. Fortunately there are already proper devices, which help in therapy, on the market, and leading medical facilities are ready to help those in need – says Ass. Prof. Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D.

Conference participants, not only listened to the lectures about the CAPD diagnosis and therapy, but also took part in the workshops, where they could learn about practical aspects of the work with students, programming speech therapy, and how to conduct behavioral and electrophysiological tests.

The aim of this conference was to share the knowledge and experience, and to create a space, where physicians, diagnostic workers, speech therapists, teachers, psychologists and other specialists could exchange information, in order to learn about their individual needs, and to improve communication with each other – says Dorota Szuber, MD, head of Podkarpackie Centre of Hearing and Speech.

Conference was co-organised by Podkarpackie Centre of Hearing and Speech Medincus, Institute of Sensory Organs and Society of Polish Otorhinolaryngologists, Phoniatrists and Audiologists. President of the Rzeszów City has assumed honorary patronage overthis conference.

During the conference, speakers also gave interviews on the topic:„When child hears, but not listening…”.

Interview with the Ass. Prof.Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D. is available in the following link:

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25 09/2017

Ass. Prof. Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., Msc.has received the “Lider region” award, as representative of the Radom facility of Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS

Ass. Prof. Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., Msc.- member of the CSiM Medincus board, has received the “Lider Regionu” (Leader of the Region) award, as representative of the Radom facility of Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS. The competition is an annual event organized by the editorial office of “Echo Dnia”. During the Grand Final Gala, that took place on 22 September in Concert Hall of the Music School Complex in Radom, were announced winners of the 11 edition of economic awards.

During the reception of award, Prof. Dr. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński emphasized the importance of the Radom facility in creation of National Network of Teleaudiology and development of teleaudiology, which is currently one of the flagships, that represents Polish science in the world. Later on he thanked patients and National Health Fund for their trust and faith in the Radom facility of the Center of Hearing and Speech MEDINCUS, that it had through out the years, and also facility team, that constantly work on the development and improvement of the quality of facility’s services.

Leader of the Region is a honorary award dedicated to creators of an economic success in different areas of market activities. The Jury awards companies and  local governments, which achieved an outstanding results, in comparison to their competitors. Among the winners are well known, large companies as well as smaller businesses, which stand out in the local market.

Among the honorary members of the jury were: Deputy Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland Adam Bielan, Member of the European Parliament Zbigniew Kuźmiuk and Deputy Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Rafał Rajkowski. Among the honorary patrons were: Marcin Ruta, Anna Białkowska, Ewa Kopacz, Anna Kwiecień, Andrzej Kosztowniak, Wojciech Skurkiewicz, Leszek Ruszczyk, Radosław Witkowski, Wiesław Wędzonka, Robert Składowski, Dariusz Gizka, Dariusz Wołczyński, Łukasz Białczak, Katarzyna Wielocha and Jerzy Kowal.

More information and full video coverage of the gala at:,12511388/

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18 05/2017

Surgical assistant of ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski during the 12th LION 2017 Videoconference – Life International Otology Network

On Tuesday, May 12, 2017, the 12th edition of the world’s most popular LION training video conference – Life International Otology Network was held under the slogan “The 12th Global Otology-Neurotology Live Surgical Broadcast”. The program included 41 live operations from 18 operating rooms around the world connected via the HUB: UTRECHT network. This year, ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński assisted at both demonstrations in real time:

  • implantation of a cochlear implant (Med-El Flex electrode)
  • ossiculoplasty using glass cement.

The LION Foundation aims at continuous improvement of qualifications of otosurgeons and neurootologists through regular videoconferences, during which demonstration activities are performed by the best specialists in the field.

More information:

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25 04/2017

Honorary lecture by ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński, MD, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Ilk Winblad.

The Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth (Suomen telelääketieeteen ja eHealth seura ry XXII Kansallinen telelääketieteen ja eHealth seminaari) was held on 20-21 April 2017 in southwest Finland, in Turku, under the motto „Win-Win-Win, Can citizens, professionals and society all win? “

Ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, MD presented what has so far been achieved in eHealth and what actions are being taken now and what are the plans for the future. The speech was related to presentations of Polish achievements and experience of the World Hearing Center in the development of the National Network of Teleaudiology and further plans connected with the development and improvement of this system. Ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński explained how the system for telefitting, telediagnosis, teleconsultations and telerehabilitation affects the quality of patient care.

The speech by ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński, MD, was delivered in the opening session of the conference. It was a lecture devoted to the memory of Dr. Ilk Winblad, the founder and first editor-in-chief of the Finnish Journal of eHealth and eWelfare, who died of sudden illness in November 2011. Since 2012, during this conference, recurring lectures are being held. Each year, the Finnish Telemedicine and e-Health Association selects one outstanding specialist to present an honorary lecture summarizing the experience of one’s own professional field.

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15 04/2017

Ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński – the chairman of the session at the conference Med-e-Tel 2017.

Med-e-Tel – The International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum, 05-07.04.2017, Luxembourg..

Logo Medetel 2017
This is the conference of the International Society for Telemedicine and E-health – IsfTeH. This year it was the 15th jubilee edition of this meeting. Med-e-tel has been organized since 2002. The main purpose of IsfTeH is to make sharing of experience and knowledge in telemedicine and e-health easier and provide access to experts’ opinions in this field. Since 2016 ass. prof. Piotr Skarżyński has been a member of the board of this association. A lot of workgroups from different fields of medicine are working within the association. Med-e-tel is one of the instruments that helps IsfTeH in realizing all their missions. Each of workgroups can emphasize their achievements during special sessions concentrated on special fields of interest.
The Med-e-Tel 2017 conference program has largely covered the presentation of practical issues and daily telemedicine experience among doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, IT professionals and patients themselves.
On April 6, a session on teleaudiological issues was held. The greatest achievements in this area were presented by the team from the World Hearing Center and the Institute of Sensory Organs. The moderator of the session was the chairman of the teleaudiological working group – ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, who at the same time introduced lectures on teleaudiology, talking about new challenges and solutions which have been successfully applied in Polish audiology for years.

7 04/2017

Expert advice on hearing and speech – interview on tinnitus in ” Życie Olsztyna”

In the latest edition of the monthly magazine “Życie Olsztyna”, an article on the topic of tinnitus was published. Ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, MD gave an interview in which we will learn how to diagnose tinnitus and what treatment for this ailment is. The article can be found in the printed version of “Nowe Życie Olsztyn” No. 7 (202) 2017 or in electronic version available at: <a href=””></a> and under the link: <a href=”″></a>

6 04/2017

Ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński assisted in the pioneering implantation of the innovative middle ear implant.

Ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński jointly with Prof. Henryk Skarzynski conducted a series of master class operations on the implantation of a new system of middle ear implant Vibrant Soundbridge with LP-Coupler. These operations were the main event during the International BONEBRIDGE & SOUNDBRIDGE Symposium, in late March and April – the first time in Poland and the third time in the world – at the World Hearing Center in Kajetany.

It was the world premiere in the clinical application of this system. It consists of the middle ear implant connected in an appropriate way to the patient’s own auditory ossicles. This is the system that allows you to not only model the hearing of a patient, but also adjust the amplification to specific loss at specific frequencies. It also gives you an opportunity to perform any radiological examinations. So far resonance imaging has been severely limited or required removal of the implant.

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5 04/2017

International Bonebridge & Soundbridge Scientific Symposium in Kajetany with the participation of ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński.

On 31.03-1.04. 2017 the third in the world and the first in Poland International BONEBRIDGE & SOUNDBRIDGE Symposium was held at the World Hearing Center in Kajetany.

It is a periodic meeting of the world’s leading specialists in the field of otosurgery, audiology and biomedical engineering, especially in the field of hearing implants. More than 200 top specialists from all over the world took part in all sessions. It was the largest international platform for exchanging experience and knowledge on implantation capabilities using Vibrant Soundbridge and Bonebridge hearing implant technologies, proper surgical techniques, applications, audiological aspects, and limitations to the implementation of individual devices.

Ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński took active part in the round table discussion on Bonebridge implantation and presented practical experience gained during numerous implantations of this system. There was a vivid discussion on the implant placement on cerebral meninges, such kind of operation is not performed in Kajetany.

During over 30 lectures presented on the symposium, the results of current scientific and clinical research, experience of experts from around the world and specific operational problems and surgical reports were discussed.

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21 03/2017

A lecture on the latest findings on hearing implants and future trends during the II Conference “Guidelines for otorhinolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics”.

During the 2nd Scientific Conference “Guidelines in Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology and Phoniatrics” under the auspices of the National Consultant in Otorhinolaryngology, ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński delivered a number of lectures. The conference was held on March 9-11 in Zakopane, and more than 500 specialists from all over the country took part in it.

The most popular lecture was the one delivered by ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, MD during the session:”Cochlear Implants”. The lecture was related to the latest developments in the use of new types of hearing implants and new ideas for treating hearing loss. Reports on first attempts at robotic implantation which were presented by ass. prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski, MD caused a vivid discussion.
Robotics is one of the new directions in medicine. The first two treatments using specially programmed robots are to be carried out at the Otosurgical Center in Berlin, ass. prof. Skarżyński announced. In the remainder of the lecture he referred to an attempt to stimulate the optical auditory nerve and regenerate impaired auditory cells in a cochlea using stem cells or piezoelectric prostheses. As repeatedly emphasized during the conference, the method of introducing the electrode through the round window, which was developed by prof. Henryk Skarżyński, is atraumatic and allows to preserve the existing structures of the inner ear.

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