Ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński jointly with Prof. Henryk Skarzynski conducted a series of master class operations on the implantation of a new system of middle ear implant Vibrant Soundbridge with LP-Coupler. These operations were the main event during the International BONEBRIDGE & SOUNDBRIDGE Symposium, in late March and April – the first time in Poland and the third time in the world – at the World Hearing Center in Kajetany.

It was the world premiere in the clinical application of this system. It consists of the middle ear implant connected in an appropriate way to the patient’s own auditory ossicles. This is the system that allows you to not only model the hearing of a patient, but also adjust the amplification to specific loss at specific frequencies. It also gives you an opportunity to perform any radiological examinations. So far resonance imaging has been severely limited or required removal of the implant.

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