Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński won the first prize in the Supertalents in Medicine Competition. He was awarded for coordinating the work of the first in the world National Network of Teleaudiology – a network of cooperating centers in 19 Polish cities and 7 abroad, which are implementing new generation of hearing implants.

Supertalents in Medicine is a prestigious competition, organized by an editorial office of Pulse of Medicine (Puls Medycyny) since 2012. The main goal of the competition is to reward leaders of the young generation of doctors up to 39 years old, who, thanks to their knowledge and skills will influence changes in the healthcare sector in Poland in the near future.

Applications from dozens of physicians and graduates of medicine-related faculties from academic centers and clinical hospitals in Poland were presented to members of jury who then assessed the academic achievements of the candidates in three categories, as well as  their public activities and prospects for further development.

Among the winners of previous editions of Supertalents are prof. Maciej Banach, MD, PhD, ass. prof. Bartosz Karaszewski, MD, PhD, prof. Grzegorz Basak, MD, PhD, ass. prof. Krzysztof Tomaszewski, MD, PhD, ass. prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski, MD, PhD.

photo: Marcin Książkowski.