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30 09/2020

Didactic Award for prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski from the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw

Prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski was awarded by the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw for the outstanding achievements of the members of the Local Student’s Scientific Society at the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing and Medical University of Warsaw and  otolaryngology students club at the Medical University of Warsaw Department of Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

3 05/2020

Prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski awarded by Wiley Online Library

The paper of Prof. Piotr H. Skarzynski, MD, PhD, MSc and other co-authors, titled: ‘Audiological and clinical outcomes of a transcutaneous bone conduction hearing implant: Six‐month results from a multicentre study’ was awarded by Wiley Online Library as a Top Downoladed Paper in 2018 and 2019.

30 01/2020

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński during the ISfTeH Board Meeting in Poland

Members of the International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health – ISFTeH met on 28.01.2020 in Kajetany. Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński is the vice-president and representative of institutional members of ISfTeH.

The Polish representation on the Management Board of the International Telemedicine Organization is proof of recognition for many years of intensive work for the development and promotion of telemedicine in the country and abroad, for involvement in the development of the first National Teleaudiology Network in Poland and the effects of international scientific research, hearing and hearing screening – consultation in Africa and Asia.

ISfTeH is a partner unit of the WHO. Mission of ISfTeH is a facilitate the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth and providing access to recognized experts in the field worldwide.

11 07/2019

Prof. Piotr H. Skarzyński as a Honorary Member of ORL Danube Society

ORL Danube Society is an association of ENT specialists from the Danube countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine), which was founded in 2018. The statutory activity of the association is the integration of physicians and scientists from the Danube region and organization of conferences to exchange knowledge and develop otorhinolaryngology.

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński has collaborated with the Danube countries for many years, conducting screening in different countries, such as Romania and Moldova, training activities or being involved in consortia applying for joint EU grants for scientific projects. In July 2019, by decision of the ORL Danube Society authorities, Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński was appointed Honorary Member of the association.

The next scientific symposium organized by the association will be held in Budapest in 2022.

6 06/2019

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński won in the Supertalents in Medicine Competition 2019

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński won the first prize in the Supertalents in Medicine Competition. He was awarded for coordinating the work of the first in the world National Network of Teleaudiology – a network of cooperating centers in 19 Polish cities and 7 abroad, which are implementing new generation of hearing implants.

Supertalents in Medicine is a prestigious competition, organized by an editorial office of Pulse of Medicine (Puls Medycyny) since 2012. The main goal of the competition is to reward leaders of the young generation of doctors up to 39 years old, who, thanks to their knowledge and skills will influence changes in the healthcare sector in Poland in the near future.

Applications from dozens of physicians and graduates of medicine-related faculties from academic centers and clinical hospitals in Poland were presented to members of jury who then assessed the academic achievements of the candidates in three categories, as well as  their public activities and prospects for further development.

Among the winners of previous editions of Supertalents are prof. Maciej Banach, MD, PhD, ass. prof. Bartosz Karaszewski, MD, PhD, prof. Grzegorz Basak, MD, PhD, ass. prof. Krzysztof Tomaszewski, MD, PhD, ass. prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski, MD, PhD.

photo: Marcin Książkowski.

6 06/2019

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński was a Scientific Secretary of 32nd Politzer Society Meeting with 2nd Congress of Otology

From May 28 to June 1 Poland was the world capital of otology. The 2nd World Otology Congress & 32 meeting of The Politzer Society was held in Warsaw and in Kajetany, Poland.

During 5 days of multidisciplinary discussions specialists from all over the world spoke out their knowledge, experiences and the results of the conducted scientific research. The Congress was a platform to share experiences and discuss breakthroughs in various specialist fields. The program included keynote lectures, round table discussions, instructional courses and abstract sessions covering a wide array of topics in the latest technologies and techniques in the field of ENTs, tinnitus, cochlear implants, middle ear robotic surgery, genetic and congenital deafness cases, telemedicine and experiences in telerehabilitation.

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński, MD, Ph.D, MSc., Scientific Secretary of the congress took an active part in leading panels and discussions.

– Presentations and lectures given by the scientists from the entire world were on the highest scientific level. The unique content and practical knowledge provided during this meeting allow the development of this field of medicine and continuous improvement of patient treatment procedures. International exchange ofknowledge and information helps Polish medicine is growing faster. The World Congress of Otology in Poland was the exceptional event – said prof. Skarżyński.

There were more than 1000 participants from 64 countries included ENTs, audiologists, phoniatricians, clinical engineers and researchers. Panels and workshops were led by experts from American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society, Columbia University, Washington University and Cambridge University and from other outstanding universities. Congress was co-hosted by the World Hearing Center and the Institute of Sensory Organs under the auspices of IFOS (International Federation of ORL Societies) a non-political organization representing over 50,000 otolaryngologists belonging to about 120 member nations.

The next meeting of Politzer Society will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2022. The Politzer Society is one of the oldest and most prestigious scientific societies named from the nineteenth-century pioneer of otosurgery and otology – Adam Politzer.

29 05/2019

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński as a member of Directors in EFAS

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński was elected as an Auditor of the European Federation of Audiological Societies (EFAS) on May 24, 2019 at the 14th EFAS Congress in Lisbon.

 – This choice is a great distinction for me. I highly esteem activities of EFAS and I hope that in the next few years the Federation’s activity will be as effective as before – commented prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński.

The European Federation of Audiological Societies brings together members from 35 countries, including audiologists, otolaryngologists and hearing aid specialists. The aim of the EFAS is to enable the exchange of information and experience in the field of education, training, hearing assessment, screening and scientific research. That way of collaboration benefits patients with hearing impairments, and encourages researchers to scientific collaboration.

 It is worth noting that the World Congress EFAS 2011 took place in 2011 in Warsaw and was devoted to early treatment of hearing and speech disorders. The congress was attended by nearly 800 specialists – doctors and scientists from around the world, who presented the latest research results in the field of hearing impairments.

15 05/2019

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński on the 35th position in the Ranking of Scientific Leaders of the Medical University of Warsaw

On May 13, 2019, the Ranking of 100 Scientific Leaders of the Medical University of Warsaw was published. Outstanding scientific achievements of prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński allowed him to take 35th position in the ranking, including the 3rd place in the classification of representatives of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Medical University of Warsaw.

The ranking presents 100 employees from the Medical University of Warsaw, whose scientific papers, published in 2016–2018, stand out in the academic community.

Prof. Piotr H. Skarżyński has collaborated with the Medical University of Warsaw since he started his studies in 2002. He studied at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, and then he was employed at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine. In addition, he has fulfilled various academic functions: a Member of Young Scientists Council (since 2018), a Member of Doctoral Dissertation Committee (since 2016) and a Member of Faculty Council of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine (since 2015).



20 11/2018

Prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński as a Entrepreneur of the Year

The Entrepreneur of the Year competition is an initiative of the Management Faculty of the University of Warsaw, aimed at promoting entrepreneurial attitudes, innovative solutions, activities for the benefit of the economy and community supporting  projects. The competition is addressed to students and graduates of the University of Warsaw. The University of Warsaw graduates are not only people who easily find their place on the labor market or pursue scientific careers. They are also innovators who affect the labor market and put their creative ideas into practice.

The Entrepreneur of the Year competition is organized under the patronage of the Dean of the Management Faculty. The competition was organized by two entities whose main purpose is to promote entrepreneurship: Management Faculty – Entrepreneurship Center and University Technology Transfer Office.

This year’s third edition of the competition encompassed 5 categories: Master of Business, Start-up of the Year of the University of Warsaw, Start-up of the Year of the Management Faculty, Innovation / Innovator of the Year, Social Entrepreneur.