During the 4th International Conference of Otolaryngology, Audiology and Communication Disorders, held in January 2017, at the session devoted to otology, ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński MD delivered presentations of four original works on new methods of hearing loss treatment.

The Emirate Congress of Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology and Communication Disorders has brought together specialists from more than 30 countries around the world. It consisted of 5 specialized workshops and 15 panels, during which about 300 lectures were delivered. In one of the panels on issues related to otology, ass. prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński MD presented four lectures which had great interest among the present participants.

In the first presentation there were introduced, the results of patients of different age, who according to the classification of deafness as proposed by Prof. Henryk Skarżyński, were included in the group of Electro-Natural Stimulation (PDT-ENS). Another work included the description of one of the most extensive materials in the world containing results of BAHA Attract patients. The third article outlined the results of patients with a Bonebridge implant system obtained during six months of rehabilitation. Last but not least was the evaluation of the latest couplers used during Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB) implantation. Particular attention has been paid to the benefits of direct round window stimulation as an optimal surgical solution, taking into account the individual anatomy of the patient.